client testimonials

"I've worked with a range of artists and designers over the years, and Joshua has consistently exceeded all expectations. He possesses a miraculous ability to translate your amorphous brainchild into a flawless, poignant piece of art. Without hesitation, I know that I will love the finished product every single time. And if that wasn't enough, his professionalism and timeliness are always on point." - Christina Dylag | owner of Nihilist Ice Cream & Velveteen Rabbit

"I have commissioned Chemical Messiah to create two album covers for my Americana Noir project, Heather Valley. Each time I gave him the loose concept and he used that imagery along with the tone of each record to create truly inspired cover art that acts as a perfect dreamworld companion to the music. I receive compliments on the cover art often. He was prompt, professional and excellent to work with and I highly recommend him."  - Heather Valley | Heather Valley Music & @heathervalleymusic

"Chemical Messiah captured the vision we wanted all while keeping our creative input at the front of his design. Communication is key and has never been easier with an artist. We would recommend him to anyone!" - Geoff Halbherr Chromarama

"My band commissioned an art piece from Chemical Messiah after seeing his work on Instagram. We gave him a rough idea of the vibe we were going for and he totally nailed it! He included revisions but we barely needed any - it was spot on. He's got a really unique eye and creative vision, and communicates quickly and effectively with clients. We would absolutely recommend him for commissions and his original artwork as well!" - Killer Virgins | Killer Virgins & @killervirgins

“I’ve hired Chemical Messiah for a number of album covers and every time he has exceeded all expectations. I already loved his art before working with him but was pleased to find that he was also extremely professional, quick, affordable and patient. 5/5 stars, would absolutely recommend.” - Chris Qualls | Nxghtshade (songwriter/producer Cutcraft Music Group & Concord Music Publishing)

"I reached out to chemical messiah for a collaboration on a blanket design for my business. I asked for a reaper and some skulls and let him do whatever he wanted. When I saw the final draft I was blown away! The design came out better than I would have imagined. I already have a few new ideas planned to collaborate with him again. Always on time. And very easy going to work with. 10/10." - Jon O |  Owner of Eyes on Apparel LLC

"I initially found Josh through instagram. His bold and unique art style was enough to convince me to message him to design my album cover art fairly quickly. Josh was basically the perfect artist to commission. I gave him a very rough idea of what I wanted and didn't know what to expect from him in return. But what ultimately reassured me was that he requested to listen to my album while he worked on the art to accurately capture the vision of what my music was attempting to communicate. Something I don't believe any other graphic designer I've worked with has done before. Upon receiving my first follow up Josh had basically nailed it right then and there. He had a great energy throughout our exchange and delivered the final product sooner than expected. 10/10 No question."" - Pan!c Pop

“Working with Joshua was pleasant and almost frictionless. I had a clear idea of what I wanted and he stayed within my original vision while adding his little flare to it. His pricing is fair and he works in a timely manner and was open and quick to make adjustments. I’ve recommended friends to him and I’ll personally be coming back if I need more surreal collage artwork.” - Jaycee Malicdan | Street Sweeper Magazine & @streetsweepermag

"When I ran across the work of Chemical Messiah, I knew he was the artist I had been looking for to design the artwork for my album cover and layout. Many pieces felt like I was looking at a visual representation of the energy in the music. He has a keen talent for creating striking images that represent dystopian themes in bright and surreal landscapes. Chemical Messiah is a master of his craft and a true professional. He was warm and accommodating, and happy to work closely with me to bring about a shared vision. Being that I was also working on a deadline, he made sure I had my art ready to go, with plenty of time to spare. I highly recommend his art, and the person who creates it." - Son of Saturn

"I stumbled across Chemical Messiah at the beginning of 2020, and was immediately blown away by his work. I was immediately drawn to the vintage look of his art and its unapologetic critique of our societal landscape. I decided to reach out about commissioning artwork for an upcoming EP. His stylistic and provocative approach was the perfect compliment to the musical content on the album. Joshua was incredibly easy to work with. He effortlessly created the composition I imagined and sent the first draft back promptly. I gave him a handful of feedback comments, and within a few days, a final draft was complete. I couldn’t be happier with the final product as well as the experience working with Chemical Messiah." - Pijin

"Truly stands out. The art and the man behind the art. Chemical Messiah made it so easy and was so professional and kind throughout the process! I will definitely be working with him again for some more commission art. Plus! I have and will continue to recommend him! Truly a blessing. His artistic talent is remarkable. And the fact that I did not know how or what image I wanted to portray, he just brought the best! Thank you again Joshua!" - Natty Zaddy

"Joshua is an excellent collaborator and someone who can make your vision a reality. The only thing greater than Joshua's art is his professionalism and turn around time. I highly recommend working with Chemical Messiah for any and all of your visual needs." - Patrick |  Vox for The Child Actors

"Chemical Messiah, Josh, has not only helped me start the launch of my brand, and went above and beyond for me, but has also has became a friend that I talk to! We talk non-art-related things that we relate to and he’s always there. Chemical Messiah's ideas go out of this world and I’m blown away every time. The revisions come back even crazier and he never hesitates with very quick turnaround time. Josh goes out of his way to make sure his customers are content and happy till the end. Thank you, Chemical Messiah." - Hunter Cimini |  Crown Magi