my name is joshua dunlap and i’m an artist from philadelphia, pa. my love for the strange began at a very young age; i remember watching vintage pop & horror films with my grand mom & instantly being hooked to the guts & glamour. growing up, i played drums in a local pop punk band. when it came time to design a logo, website, & merchandise, we quickly realized that none of us knew how to design anything outside of using microsoft paint. i was happy to take on the project so i downloaded photoshop & went to work. since then, i’ve spent countless all-nighters designing everything & anything i could, while experimenting & learning new techniques along the way.

i have a wide range of influences but some of the biggest are albert camus, rene magritte, franz kafka, & samuel beckett. 

i currently live in the suburbs of philadelphia, pennsylvania with my wife, 6 year old son, two dogs, & a cat.